Thomas Coon

I recently finished Peace Corps service in the Republic of Armenia and returned to the US where I immediately jumped right into the master’s program at the CIE.  During my service in Armenia I finally came to terms with the realization that I would pursue a career in education, something that I had rather actively avoided for many years. 


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Assela M. Luena

I was born in a village called Lundu which is located in extreme south of Tanzania. It was really a remote area. Being the third daughter of eight children of a Primary school teacher who devoted his life to bring new hope to the children of poor Tanzanians. That teacher sowed a seed which transformed the life of one of his seven daughters and he would gladly see it growing and sprout its fruits to the minds and hearts of the Tanzania’s young learners.


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Tatiana Krayushkina

I am still wondering how I ended up in something so completely strange for me, so far from what I have dreamed of and even what I was fearing the most? I have read a few bios and figured out that I am not alone in this. My way of finding a destiny was long and thorny. I graduated from a Slavic-Tajik University and worked as a teacher in a primary school for about two years. After that I have made a vow that I will never-ever become a teacher. It was so hard.

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Rolf Straubhaar

My interest in community education began in northeastern Brazil during my undergraduate years, in a beautiful city named Salvador, Brazil's answer to New Orleans.  Working with a female-led community organization in an urban slum, I was very interested in the community building that occurred in this small bit of cityscape due to the herculean efforts of several women to bring resources, community classes and youth activities into their neighborhood.

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