Sherry Kane (M. Ed. 1996)

After many years working in communications, adult education and political action with the garment workers' union, Sherry now oversees an adult education program for the Consortium for Worker Education focusing on ESOL and computer literacy at various sites in New York City. 


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Urakorn (Toon) Fuderich (Ed.D. 2007)

Toon and Rob Fuderich have returned to Amherst, although this time not for the usual two-three week home leaves as has been the case during their three-decade journey, but to stay for a while.   


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Jennifer Ladd (Ed.D. 1995)

Jennifer Ladd is currently an independent consultant and trainer using creativity and the arts to address classism and racism through interactive workshops. Jennifer offers organizational and group facilitation, and is also a life coach and philanthropic advisor. She is based in Florence, MA.


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Elias Moning (Ed.D. 2006)

Elias Moning is currently Director of Gaharu Kencana Estate Villa or “Ghrookeville” in West Java, Indonesia, an agro-eco-property development that emphasizes economic and environmental values by using traditional architecture for building, conserving the endangered Gaharu species by planting Gaharu trees, and facilitating the cultivation of durian and mangosteen fruit trees over their 6 hectares of land.


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Daniel Gerber (Ed.D. 1996)

Dan Gerber is currently Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Assistant Professor at the School of Public Health at UMass Amherst. He is also Director of the online MPH in Public Health Practice program and Principal Investigator for a $2.4 million grant from the Western Massachussetts Public Health Training Center. Dan has received multiple Outstanding Teacher awards from the School of Public Health, a Student Choice Award for Best Professor, and Outstanding Faculty awards from UMass Amherst.


He shared about some of his classes in 2005: 


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Jeetendra Joshee (M.Ed. 1990; Ed.D. 1994)

Jeet Joshee is currently Associate Vice President for International Education and Dean of the College of Continuing and Professional Education at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB). In the first capacity, he advises the President and Provost on all matters related to international education, including international student admissions and recruitment, study abroad programs and partnerships with overseas institutions. In the second, he is responsible for a wide variety of degree and certificate and online CPE programs.


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Hassan Ali Mohamed (M.Ed. 1992; Ed.D. 2001)

Dr. Hassan Ali Mohamed is a development practitioner specialized in education program planning and management in both humanitarian and development settings with over 25 years of field experience in North America, South Asia, Middle East and Africa. Hassan holds a Doctorate and Master’s degrees from the Center for International Education at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.


In his work he sometimes meets up with other CIE graduates. 


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Joanie Cohen-Mitchell (M.Ed. 1996; Ed.D. 2005)

In November 2014 Joanie Cohen-Mitchell was promoted to Chief of Programming & Evaluation at Peace Corps in Washington DC. Joanie has been working at the Peace Corps since May 2012, when she began work as a literacy specialist there.


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Valerie Haugen (Ed.D. 1997)

“The SDGs are underpinned by a commitment to inclusive development. But we don't really know how to 'do' inclusive development, including in the education sector…”


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Michele Sedor (M.Ed. 1993)

Michele Sedor has worked at the System for Adult Basic Education Support (SABES) in Massachusetts since 1999. Formerly the Western Regional Director, she now works with the SABES PD Center for Educational Leadership and Strengthening Programs. SABES provides professional development for adult basic education programs and staff throughout the state. 


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