Greta Shultz (M.Ed. 1988; Ed.D. 1999)

Greta Shultz is an independent consultant, conducting applied research, program evaluation, and policy studies for state and federal education agencies, non-profit and philanthropic organizations, and community-based groups. In June 2017, Greta founded a small consulting business, Green River Research, LLC.

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Rob Fuderich (M.Ed. 1987)

Rob and Toon Fuderich have returned to Amherst, although this time not for the usual 2-3 week home leaves that have been their practice in the past, but to stay for a while.


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Susie Rauch (Ed.D. 1995)

Susie Rauch founded and served for 17 years as Executive Director of Interconnections 21 (IC21), a non-profit organisation based in Jackson, Wyoming, dedicated to helping US schools and communities “learn about critical world concerns and take action”.


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Mark Meassick (M.Ed. 1989)

Mark Meassick is currently USAID Mission Director in Uganda. He was previously the Uganda Deputy Mission Director for 3 years, and has worked with USAID in Afghanistan (2005), South Sudan (2006), Sudan, and Kenya (2013).


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Jennie Campos (Ed.D. 1990)

Jennie is currently an international development consultant specializing in participatory research and evaluation. Recent work includes facilitating a kick-off retreat for the USAID Economic Growth Team in Rwanda in December 2015, and consulting for Creative Associates International, including a stint in Kabul, Afghanistan in 2013.


She has worked in over 33 developing countries in different parts of the world.  


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Jane Benbow (Ed.D. 1994)

Jane is currently retired and living in her home state of North Carolina. She does the occasional education consultancy, while also exploring her interests in politics, art, music and documentary research.


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Endang Sumantri Nawawi (M.Ed. 1980; Ed.D. 1988)

Endang Sumantri (M.Ed. 1980; Ed.D. 1988) is retired and is Professor Emeritus at the Indonesia University of Education (UPI, formerly IKIP Bandung), where he served as Senate Chairman from 2006 to 2011.

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Dawn (Gordon) Courage (M.Ed. 1986)

After finishing her Master's degree, Dawn went on to complete her doctorate in Instructional Leadership (Cultural Diversity and Curriculum Reform) at UMass  in 1993.  She then worked in Boston in inner city schools, in Hawaii in educational research and with Hawaiian Education, and as a Race Relations/ Multicultural Consultant with the Vancouver School Board.


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David McCurry (Ed.D. 1995)

In June 2006, I packed up my faculty office at Monmouth University, jettisoned many of our belongings in our house in New Jersey, dropped off Scott and Scha at their respective colleges and headed south. Resigning my tenured associate professorship was liberating in many ways. Bonnie and I, Kevin (now 13) and our cat Akina settled into our new home in Greenville, SC, at the base of Paris Mountain, surrounded by 100 foot tall loblolly pine, good progressive neighbors (well, most of them anyway),an active arts community, and we are quite happy.


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Flavia Ramos (M.Ed. 1989; Ed.D. 1999)

Flavia Ramos is currently Associate Director for the Center for International Studies in Educational Research and Development (CISERD) at Florida State University. Recent projects include a USAID “Reading for Ethiopia’s Achievement Developed Technical Assistance” (READ TA) Project in Ethiopia (2012-2017) and UNICEF “Early Grades Literacy Program for Tuvalu” (2013).


Other recent activities include USAID project evaluations in Paraguay, Liberia, Mozambique and Angola.


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