Hello! Salut! On jaramaa! N’Wali! N’ike! My name is Paul Frisoli. I love Guinea, West Africa. Some may say that I am obsessed with everything that is Guinean. Though Guinea may be just one of my many homes on this planet, I grew up in Smalltown, USA: Sudbury, Massachusetts to be more exact. As a child, my mom dressed me in kilts, my Father talked to me in bad French, and my sister practiced her oral Spanish lessons on me. This of course curved my curiosity towards everything across the Atlantic Ocean.


When I left the cultural nest at 18, I moved to Bates College where I received my BA in French with a concentration in Economics. My fabulous international friends at Bates introduced me to new foods, clothes, perspectives and lifestyles. This led me to study in Nantes, France for my junior year where I soaked in the language while also serving as a high school TEFL teacher. Right after college, my path led me to Guinea, where I served for just over 2 years as a Peace Corps Volunteer Math teacher in the picturesque village of Timbo. As a PCV, I did other secondary projects such as teacher training for incoming volunteers, HIV/AIDS peer educator trainings, HIV/AIDS and Math curriculum development at the secondary level, as well as advising local development groups.


After Peace Corps, I stayed in Guinea and worked with Education Development Center (EDC). I worked on adult continuing education programs while also managing EDC’s National Girl’s Scholarship Program. I also collaborated in the filming, editing and producing of EDC Guinea’s video project. My path has taken me to CIE as a Masters candidate, where I will be focusing on secondary education, teacher training, training design and technology in education. I am very excited to be here at the Center, where I can learn, work, and collaborate with all of the remarkable students studying here.


A fiercely wise Guinea man often told me that “Home is wherever you go.” I’m looking forward to adding the members of CIE to my family. En joni ka suudu, nani!

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