Study of Non-Formal Education and Skills Training Programs in East Asia

UNICEF East-Asia Pacific contracted the Center for International Education to carry out a desk review of non-formal education (NFE) equivalence frameworks and non-accredited skills training programs in the East Asia - Pacific region. Dr. Cristine Smith is the program lead for the CIE team in its collaboration with UNICEF Regional Advisor Cliff Meyers to explore opportunities for future UNICEF resource allocation and policy support for adolescents unable to access quality post-primary education. The Center’s work provides critical input for the subsequent Regional Adolescent Education Strategy to be developed by the UNICEF East Asia-Pacific Regional Office in Bangkok.


The study was done by a team of CIE members including Peter Quamo and Kimberly Parekh on campus and Farida Fleming (not pictured) from Australia. The team, except for Farida, is pictured.