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CIE Activities - Fall 2001 - Spring 2002 (not available)

Fall 2001 Activities at CIE

CIE Graduates - Fall 2001
Vice-Chancellor of University of Malawi Visits

School of Education Marathon Conference/Reunion
Colombian Evironmental Activists visit CIE
Tag Sale on Town Common
14 New Students from Malawi
Photo Gallery - Fall 2001

CIE Graduates - Fall 2001

Karen Lennon, Ahmed Hassan, 'Pan' Sariyant, & Ray Young
Not shown Thomas Zschocke & Yihong Fan

Celebration of Graduates at final Tuesday meeting for Fall 2001
Graduates with Faculty

Vice-Chancellor David Rubadiri Visits
University of Massachusetts
by Vachel Miller

Emphasizing the importance of training a new generation of confident, capable educational leaders for Malawi, Dr. David Rubadiri spent two days visiting UMass and the Center for International Education, October 21-22. Dr. Rubadiri is currently the Vice Chancellor of the University of Malawi, an accomplished poet, and former ambassador from Malawi to the United Nations.

During his visit to CIE, Rubadiri participated in the formal launching ceremony for the Advanced Degree Activity (ADA), a partnership between the University of Massachusetts and several institutions in Malawi. The ADA program is a five-year project designed to build human resource and institutional capacity to promote the planning and leadership functions of the education sector in Malawi. The first cohort of graduate students from Malawi, including four doctoral and ten master's candidates, began their studies at UMass this fall.

At the ceremony, the ADA program was cited by the UMass Chancellor Marcellette Williams as an exciting renewal of a past collaboration with Malawi and an example of the University's commitment to global outreach. Chancellor Williams welcomed the students into the UMass family and encouraged them to work toward integration of American and African perspectives. Dr. Rubadiri praised students for taking, in the words of poet Robert Frost, "the road less travelled" in leaving their families and professional responsibilities to pursue studies abroad.

In conversation with the ADA project staff, Dr. Rubadiri expressed appreciation for the opportunity to meet the students who were "extremely positive" about their experience at UMass and their rapport with faculty. Dr. Rubadiri discussed the movement in Malawi toward a decentralized approach to decision-making in the educational system, an approach which will rely upon leaders with confidence and skill in planning and organizational leadership. He feels that the ADA program at UMass can be successful in helping Malawi's educational leaders address pressing social concerns, including poverty and disease, with a fresh enthusiasm and sensitivity.

School of Education Marathon Conference/Reunion:
A chance for CIE Graduates to reconnect

by Michael Simsik

The years 1968-78 were a special period for the School of Education. Under the direction of Dwight W. Allen, the School fostered creativity, experimentation, and risk-taking. Alumni and faculty have had a far-reaching impact on the field of education and on many other aspects of society. The Marathon Conference in October 2001 was a time to recognize these leaders' contributions and provided a venue to engage in serious dialogue on issues critical to educators at all levels.

As part of the conference CIE hosted an afternoon social to bring together alumni, students, as well as past and present faculty and staff, to exchange their experiences and interests in international education. People gathered at CIE in Hills House to experience again the feelings of a Tuesday meeting! combined with a happy hour.

More than thirty people including alumni with a rich and varied background attended the social. Some of the alumni in attendance included: Cynthia Shepard-Perry, who served as American Ambassador to Sierra Leone and Rwanda, and who has recently authored a book about her diplomatic experiences; Gordon Schimmel, Superintendent of Schools in Storrs, Connecticut; Priscilla Angelo, now working with Partners for Global Education in Rhode Island; Carla Classon-Hook, currently teaching in Springfield; Beverly Lindsay, the Director of International Programs at Pennsylvania State University; and Peter Higginson, a long-time employee with UNESCO who has recently moved back to Paris from Maine. Other CIE alums present at the conference included Phil Christensen and Charlie Jenkins.

The gathering gave people the opportunity to catch up on the news of former colleagues, learn about the various professional activities of CIE alums, and for students, it was an opportunity to make acquaintances and consider career options once they graduate from the center. Peter Higginson shared his experiences about having worked in the South Pacific as well as in Paris for UNESCO. In particular, he spoke of the difficulties faced by international educators in the age of globalization, where national economic development in many countries of the South relies increasingly on large numbers of low-skilled, low-wage labor rather than on the mass education of their citizenry. Gordon Schimmel spoke of the challenges of being a superintendent and of his recent work on creating a curriculum to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Wright brothers flight at Kitty Hawk in 1903

Anna Donovan who has come back to help out at CIE part-time, was the hostess. Bill Fanslow a retired professor from the School of Education and long-time associate of CIE, also attended, and talked of his recent consulting work in Namibia. Professor Emeritus George Urch was also present, and it seems that 'retired' is not the appropriate term to describe his situation, as he too is staying very active working with the Malawian students now at CIE. David Schimmel came down the hall to reminisce with old friends from the early days of CIE and Bob Miltz unveiled a video he had made of photos from the CIE archives, while poster boards around the room displayed pictures of CIE activities and retreats from over the years. Also attending were current CIE faculty members Sally Habana-Hafner, Gretchen Rossman and David Evans.

Cynthia & Anna
Gordon Schimmel
Bob Miltz &
Bill Fanslow
Peter Higginson
Beverly Lindsay
Priscilla Angelo

Colombian Environmental Educators at CIE

A group of 12 Colombian community leaders involved in various environmental education and action programs, visited CIE and spoke at a recent Tuesday meeting. They are here participating in a three-week training program at ITD and directed by Alberto Arenas, a CIE faculty member who is from Colombia. The Colombian participants are a group of veteran community leaders with experience in environmental issues.

The participants (seven men, five women) include two members from the Organization for the Education of Environmental Protection, a director of a national park, and nine members from three communities near Bogota: one urban, one semi-urban, and one rural community.

In their presentation, enlivend by pictures and graphics, they each spoke briefly of the challenges n their work including making do with few material and financial resources, dealing with corrupt municipalities, and overcoming the fear imposed by the guerrillas and paramilitaries. The main environmental issues being faced by their communities include: inadequate solid waste disposal; deficient recycling strategies; contamination of local rivers and waterways; lack of access to safe water; erosion; and misappropriation of natural land reserves for construction and cultivation (generally by larger companies but also by poor people). These problems are all exacerbated by one of the largest unemployment rates in Latin America (around 20 percent).

Tag Sale on the Town Common

Learning about capitalism and self-help for small organizations

Swai and Chizu -- Champion Marketers

Someone is having a really good time!

Jack Chalimba - our best customer!

Mbarou thoroughly enjoying the event

Leah Kaira - working hard in the clothing section

CIE Welcomes Students from Malawi

CIE welcomes a group of students from Malawi who are enrolled in Masters and Doctoral programs in the Department of Educational Policy, Research and Administration at UMass/Amherst. Their studies are part of a partnership between CIE at UMass and Chancellor College of the University of Malawi. Their program will take place partly at UMass and partly in Malawi where they will take some courses and conduct field research as part of their degree programs. For more information about the Malawian students
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Photo Gallery from Fall 2001

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Tossiporn Sariyant Defends her Dissertation

Pan's Dissertation committee shelters under the umbrella of contested knowledge after a successful defense.

Banners of Knowledge keep the committee in suspense


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CIE Executive Committee - transition meeting
The Old meets the New

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Pictures from the
Welcome Reception at the home of Bob and Linda- Fall 2001

Michael & Shekhar - Dissertation Specialists
Linda Abrams & Elias Moning
Josephine, Leah & Mbarou -
"Quelle Mouchoir!"
Abraham & Maxwell - Listening?
The Round Table Discussion
Fritz - "thinking seriously"
Golf with Ken anyone?
Irina and Saida with Elias
Clan Elders - Yasin, Sultan, Daniel
Karin & Gretchen
Joanie, Anna, Bob & Lisa - more Elders
The working crew
Dwaine Lee
Dwaine being reflective
Now this is good food!!
Tashi & Chizu



Dwaine & Naoma Lee

Dwaine Lee