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[updated January 10, 2016 ]

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CIE Members Gather Around World
Spontaneous or planned, CIE members often meet up in various corners of the world these days. Some recent gatherings are pictured below. If you have gotten together with a CIE member, do take a picture and send it along to add to the CIE Off Campus section.
Salma Khan was visiting Kabul fron her home in Pakistan and doing some consulting with MSI on a Civil Society Report. She got together with Mujtaba Hedayet and Noori Noorallah for at a local restaurant.. [August '15]
James MacNeil from World Education, Sumon Tuladhar from Uniceet and Mark Lynd meeting withBanyan Tree got together in Kathmandu. Mark also met with Ed Graybill [August '15]
Verity Norman, Professor Jacqi Mosselson and Nyaradzai Changamire met in Harare when Jacqi was in Zimbabwe on a consulting trip. [July '15]

Sushan Acharya with Another Option is working as a consultant to the Early Grade Reading project in Nepal managed by Ed Graybill [May '15]

Two CIE graduates from the 1970s, Steve Grant and Hank Holmes got together recently in Menlo Park California. They shared some Brazilian cocktails and a convivial dinner and got caught up on the Steve's recent writing and Hank's activities. [April '15]
Steve Grant & Hank Holmes
Mbarou Gassama Mbaye, Satomi Kamei and Martha Nyongani met at UNESCO's Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Ministerial Conference on Education Post-2015 in Kigali, Rwanda.[Feb '15]

Having traveled from Tanzania to visit family members in Texas, Fulgence Swai drove four hours to Austin to meet up with Karin Wachter. Karin is enrolled in a doctoral program in social work at the University of Texas. [July '14]

Three CIE members from different CIE generations met in Zanzibar while working on an education project called TZ21.. Renuka Pillay as CoP - from the 1990s, Jennifer Chin as Senior Program Officer - from the 2000's and Mark Lynd as an evaluator - from the 1990s. [Mar '14]
Bolivia meets Tanzania. Gabriela Delgadillo had dinner with Fulgence Swai in Dar es Salaam. Gabriella was in Tanzania working for Verité inspecting working conditions in remote areas of Western Tanzania. Swai says "it was just like a Tuesday meeting at CIE!" [Feb '14]
Fulgence Swai Gabriela Delgadillo
Salma Khan was in Pakistan collecting data for her dissertation and met up with Majid Khan (no relation) who graduated in 2009 and has since worked in various roles in higher education in Pakistan. [Dec '13]
Rebecca Paulston Stone met up with Gulzat Kochorova in Bishkek, Kyrgystan when she was there leading a workshop on developing reading standards. Gulzat is now working with Becca on the Quality Reading Project as the M&E Field coordinator. [Dec '13]
Rebecca Stone & Gulzat Kochorova

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Newsy Snippets

Aukram Burton

On Friday, November 30, 2012 Aukram Burton, specialist in JCPS' Department of Diversity, Equity and Poverty Programs received the 2012 G. Pritchy Smith Multicultural Educator Award during the 22nd Annual National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME) Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The selection was based on his long-time work and contributions in the field of Multicultural Education for over 30 years, and in particular the innovative work that he is doing currently in the Jefferson County Public Schools. [12-12]

Educator and media artist,  currently working as the Diversity and Multicultural Education Specialist in the Department of Diversity, Equity and Poverty Programs for the Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) in Louisville, Kentucky. The Department offers professional development designed to assist classified andcertified staff in acquiring knowledge about culture and diversity. The focus is on preparing teachers to change how they view students and their cultures. To support the success of this effort, the department has implemented the Institute for Cultural Competence and Courageous Practice: Working Together for Inclusion, Equity, and Excellence.

Aukram's work as a media artist and producer has taken him around the globe where he has been Aukram Burtoninvolved in many educational and cultural exchanges. His work reflects his extensive travels throughout the continents of Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. He uses his skills as a photographer and filmmaker in developing curriculum units to promote an awareness of other cultures and their environmental experiences and traditions. One such project is the "Open-Air Marketplaces Around the World," a teaching unit introducing the important role that marketplaces play in human societies. (12-10)

Sue Tatten

Sue writes recently - Greetings from Liberia!  I've been here for a year now (after 5 years in Sudan) with UNDP leading the Rule of Law program initiatives.  Quite a change from East Africa and many years there. (9-10)

Leah Tepelunde Kaira (M.Ed. 2003)

Leah KairaAfter returning home with her Master's degree from CIE, Leah worked at the Malawi National Examinations Board before entering the doctoral program at UMass in REMP - a program in the same department as CIE. She is one of three from the old Malawi project who have returned to UMass subsequently in a doctoral program, and the first to graduate. In July 2010, she successfully defended her dissertation entitled: Using Item Mapping to Evaluate Assessment Curriculum Alignment. She is now looking for work where she can apply the skills she has developed in her degree programs. [7-10]

Matthew Roehrig (M.Ed. 1974)
Matt Roehrig
For years Matt has a been a fixture in the Pioneer Valley scene, playing lead roles in the annual Valley Light Opera Society's productions of Gilbert and Sullivan. This year he also took the lead role of Dr. Faustus in a production at the Renaissance Theater at UMass. Matt continues to teach school in Belchertown as well. [5-10]

Oliver P. Mhaiki (M.Ed 1986)

Oliver Mhaiki PSFulgence Swai reports that Oliver Mhaiki has been appointed by the President of the United Republic of Tanzania in the position of being the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Constitutional Affairs and Justice - shown here being sworn in. He was formerly the Deputy Permanent Secretary,  Ministry of Education and Vocational Training. [4-09]


Sushan AcharyaSushan Acharya (Ed.D. 1999)

On May 7th, 2009 Sushan went to Aga Khan University - Institute for Educational Development  in Karachi to participate/present in the South Asia Regional Dialogue on Quality Education.She presented a paper on Policy, Practice and Research Nexus in Education Quality -The case of language in education.   [5-09]

Askar Mambetaliev (M.Ed. 2004)
Askarbek Mambetaliev
Askar returned to CIE for the last Tuesday meeting May 2009 and made a presentation on corruption. He outline a broader definition of the kinds of corruption, its causes, and its effects. He spoke of the importance of citizens willing to take the risk of exposing corruption and the importance to societies of having such people in their midst. Askar also spoke briefly about how he had created a CIE at Kyrgys State University, modelled after the CIE at UMass!   [5-09]

Retna Burham (M.Ed 1980)

CIE recently received its annual Holiday card from Retna. She writes that she is now fully retired. Her husband passed away and she now lives with her daughter, whose email address she can now use. She would love to hear from others from her era. [1-09]

Hilda Kokuhirwa Sinkonde (Ed.D. 1982)

I am in Tanzania for a while at least until June working on an HIV program under I-TECH (International Training and
Education Center on HIV) at the University of Washington Seattle. I will write you soon and tell you what I have been up to. No CIE folks yet. My best to all at the CIE. [1-09]

Tim Woolmer (Ed.D. 1975)

Note from Anna Donovan. Our son was flying from Cairo to London and while on the plane he started chatting with a couple who had just vactioned in Egypt.  Long story short -- it was Tim Woolmer and his wife!  Tim was amazed at the CIE connection, etc., and wanted to be remembered to you both -- said that he remembers UMass-CIE with great fondness. [12-08]

Chikondi Maleta
Upon returning from his nondegree study at CIE, Chikondi joined the new Masters degree in planning at Chancellor's College. He is now in the Policy and Planning section of a newly reorganized Department of Education where he is currently working on the Joint Financing Arrangement and SWAp in collaboration with collegueas in the Ministry & Development Partners. He is also in the involved in the finalization of the National Education Sector Plan. His Master's topic is Financing of Public Primary Schools within Inadequate Resources: Policy agendas and alternatives. [January 2007]

Vicente Arredondo (Ed.D. 1982)
I live in Cuernavaca city, nearby Mexico city, with my second wife. She works at the state public university, and I am a free consultant, since 2001, on matters such as formal education, local development, civil society empowerment, and ethic in business. As you see, many areas of interest. Click on the picture for an article on City Life by Vicente. [August 2006]

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CIE Muskie Reunion
The US Embassy in Georgia and American Councils organized 2006 Regional Muskie Alumni Conference: “Building Democratic Societies and Market Economies in Eurasia ” on March 24-27, 2006 in Gudauri, Georgia. The conference topic was the political, economic and social concepts that are essential to the functioning of a democratic society. This was an exciting cross-cultural experience for Muskie alumni from Eurasia revolving around the ideas of democracy and market economies.  Out of 36 invited participants, seven participants were UMass/Amherst alumni of whom five were CIE graduates so there was kind of UMass-CIE reunion. The Education and Social Issues panel was presented by the CIE alumni.

Suzi Kindervatter (Ed.D. 1978)
Suzi is Director of Gender and Diversity at InterAction. She has led InterAction’s work since 1994 in expanding the capacity of InterAction members to integrate a gender perspective into their operations and programs and in promoting gender equity in donor and UN agencies. She says

This has been a year when a lot has come to fruition.  I produced a CD ROM facilitator's training tool for our organizational Gender Audit methodology and directed a study in Africa on the impact of gender mainstreaming, which we've published.  
She recently sent copies of these materials to CIE for the resource center. [December 2005]

Duong van Chu (Ed.D. 2004) (1944-2005)
Duong passed away on Nov 21, 2005 in Springfield MA. While at CIE, Duong combined academic work with participation in the CIRCLE program working on developing community leadership in Asian communities in the Pioneer Valley. Mr. Chu, a resident of Springfield worked for a number of years as a community outreach health educator for local Asian communities and was affiliated with the Mass Dept of Public Health. He is survived by his wife and three children. (11/05)

James Key (M.Ed. 1979)
James recently visited CIE. He recently spent more than a year in Cuenca Spain where he had been awarded a scholarship to study at the International Museum of Electrography. James is a free-lance artist who now works solely in digital images like the small one shown here. His work is often displayed in his home state of Sinaloa, Mexico and he has been featured in a number of local and international art shows and cultural events. (7/05)

Deborah Golub (Ed.D. 1979)
Deborah published an article on Social Action Art Therapy in the Spring 2005 issue of Art Therapy, the Journal of the American Art Therapy Association. In the article she draws upon her work at CIE as a framework to reflect on three examples of her approach to art therapy in Brazil, China and Denmark. The cover of that issue is picture of one of a series of miniature collages that Deborah had constructed. The cover collage is entitled “Gli Abitanti” (The Dwellers). (6/05)

Babacar Mboup (M. Ed. 1997)
Babacar was at the first CIE Tuesday meeting of Spring 05. He announced that he was defending his dissertation in the French Department the same day. His dissertation is titled:
Negro African Theatre: Beyond traditional boundries, development and new challenges. His defense was ten years to the day from when he arrived at CIE to begin his master's program! He is now an assistant professor of French at Valdosta State University in Georgia where he is also active in outreach, working with local churches to bring a more accurate understanding of Islam to the local community particularly in light of current world affairs.(1/05)

Elizabeth Psychas (M.Ed. 1988)
We regret to announce the passing of Elizabeth Psychas on July 2, 2004 at the age of 67. She is survived by her husband George Psychas whom she met while they were both teaching in Tanzania. George received his doctorate from the School of Education at UMass with George Urch as his chair. After Liz got her degree at CIE she and her husband lived and worked in Westfield, Massachusetts.

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