Hong Sah-myung

I retired from Korea Research Foundation (KRF) in 1998. Since then, I have been teaching at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Korea and now I have one more year to go. I am blessed by God for enabling me to teach at this age.


Looking back on my days with the Foundation, I was heavily involved, as director of the Inter-Country Scholar Exchange Program, in the development of Korean Studies at overseas universities. In this regard, I contacted the Five College Consortium to explore the possibility of creating a tenure-track position, to be supported by the Korean government, in Korean studies. It ended up with the establishment of Korean Language and Literature at Smith College.


In 2002, I taught at Hamburg University, Germany, for one semester, and in 2006, I spent a year teaching at the University of Stockholm, Sweden. My teaching produced a manuscript on Who Are Koreans? Personality Traits and National Identity, written in English. I am now looking for a publisher.


I was supposed to teach at the University of Hawaii from March 2017 but had to cancel due to health problems. I am one of those who benefited in CIE and I appreciate hearing Center news. [2/17]



Email: samhongsm@naver.com



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