Judith Obiero

After graduating I worked as an academic coordinator for the Dept. of Labor Job Corps Program in Chicopee from 2014 till August this year. I was in charge of the literacy and numeracy components of the technical education of the Job Corps program. This job presented an excellent opportunity for me to see how the US was trying to achieve EFA goals by reaching the marginalized and out of school population. I wouldn’t have had the knowledge and skill set to effectively carry out my duties were it not for the excellent all round education I received from CIE.


After working with the Job Corps I am now employed at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. I co –teach with the School of Engineering faculty a required course in Leadership to students who work on engineering projects. I also coordinate a program called Professional Leadership Series at the Archer Center for Student Leadership Development for graduate Level students in engineering and science where they explore such topics as cross-cultural communication, ethical decision making, consensus building, conflict, management, negotiation, networking, effective presentation skills, and other core leadership skills. [11-15]


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