Mclaughlin Steve

Steve McLaughlin continues his current independent consulting for a wide variety of organizations, ranging from UNAIDS to Plan USA. He plies his evaluation and research trade with assignments that have taken him to Nigeria, Russia, Malawi, and Vietnam over the past year. His latest interest is to continue a new relationship with an environmental organization to improve the connection between international environmental protection and humanitarian development.


When they are both in the country, he and Margaret endure an increasingly frustrating commuter arrangement, with Steve working out of their house on Cape Cod and Margaret working Monday to Friday in Washington, DC and returning on weekends - that is, when Steve is not down there.

In addition to remaining busy with international work, Steve and Margaret have continued their friendships with the many individuals they've met overseas. Last year, they attended the traditional Muslim wedding (in Lancaster, PA of all places) of an Iraqi woman they both knew in Baghdad several years ago. They have stayed in close contact with her as she pursues her doctoral studies in genetic engineering and makes a family in the United States.


Steve also regularly gets together with Wellfleet-based Bob Pearson and sees DRE and, occasionally, other CIE and School of Ed folks who vacation on the Cape. Margaret and Steve welcome seeing any Center members who want to sample the delights of Cape Cod. They know all the best beaches, restaurants, bike paths, scenic lighthouses, and ice cream parlors. Come anytime - even in the winter, if you dislike crowds! [04/08]





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