Schaerer Wendy

As is probably the case with many CIE members, I've had the opportunity  to work with some very talented "undocumented" kids during my career and strongly support The Dream Act.  One of the more interesting things I did over the years was some lobbying on behalf of
international students as part of a professional association representing international schools.   As a former political science student, it was both enjoyable and enlightening.


As a single parent, most of my activities were closer to home.  For example, I was a member of the state-mandated "site councils" of my daughter's schools (elementary thru high school), dealing with a variety of issues, and many years ago on the board of her day care center. 
Before moving to N.Y. State and becoming a parent, I helped set up a shelter for abused women in N.J. and was an officer of the state coalition of organizations addressing domestic violence.


It's hard to believe it's been two years since I retired from Cornell where I was involved, at different times, with admission, recruitment and advising of international students.   I've been singing, on the board & chairing a committee at the local Unitarian Church, trying to keep fit & otherwise tending to the parts of my life that were neglected while I was working.


I'm also part of a local RPCV group & we just got together with the newest crop of  local recruits.  Training - and countries of destination -seem to have changed quite a bit since I entered in 1968!   I tend not to share too much of my own experience and perspective, not wanting to detract from their enthusiasm.   (I served in Brazil where the program was terminated.  For those interested, there is a good summary of P.C. in Brazil and reasons it closed that can be accessed from the P.C. 50th Anniversary site.)   On the other hand, I have maintained close personal ties there and have returned several times for both professional and personal activities since completing Peace Corps in 1970. 


My daughter, whom I adopted in Brazil as an infant, turns 26 soon and, having completed a Bachelor’s degree, is doing hiring and marketing for a firm selling a health-drink in Chicago.  She and my brother have helped me into the Facebook age, as it's the only way I hear from her and my niece and nephews!
I enjoy checking out the CIE website from time to time and send very best wishes from Ithaca.



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