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Bill Smith was the Executive Vice President of the Academy for Educational Development in Washington, DC. for over twenty years where he led the Academy's work in public health communication and social marketing programs in over 65 countries around the world. Bill is now retired but just as creative and busy as ever. His wife Ginger sent the following update on his activities....


He continues to consult with Compassion & Choices -- in fact he catches the train tomorrow for a meeting with them.  Their goal is for us to squeeze every ounce out of life, but that when we can no longer recover - to allow us to die with dignity. He's returned to Penn (Annenberg School) for work with the Gates Foundation -- he's off to India for a couple of weeks next month with them.  Their focus for this work will be agriculture and maternal nutrition ).  Spot work with Pew Charitable Trusts, CDC, Social Marketing Conference, and other bits and pieces.  It is wonderful he can take his intellectual energy and experience on the road.



Meanwhile here at WindsorMeade in Williamsburg Virginia, he's begun a TED talk group -- to view a couple of TED talks and discuss them.  He's hosted 2 monthly meetings so far for ~40-50 folks.  They are so eager, they want to meet twice a month. He's organized a painter's group -- first meeting last week and a dozen eager folks showed up, with apologies from others who couldn't make the initial meeting.  Some of his art work is hung in the main hall (fine dining; bistro; library; wellness center -- gym, pool, class space; apartments; assisted living; skilled nursing care; PT/OT; etc).  He's enjoying digital art which is printed on canvas (even in exceptionally large sizes, it doesn't pixilate).  The show will be up for 6 weeks and folks are actively enjoying his work.



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