David McCurry

In June 2006, I packed up my faculty office at Monmouth University, jettisoned many of our belongings in our house in New Jersey, dropped off Scott and Scha at their respective colleges and headed south. Resigning my tenured associate professorship was liberating in many ways. Bonnie and I, Kevin (now 13) and our cat Akina settled into our new home in Greenville, SC, at the base of Paris Mountain, surrounded by 100 foot tall loblolly pine, good progressive neighbors (well, most of them anyway),an active arts community, and we are quite happy.


After a year of home renovation projects, including a 14 foot koi pond and surrounding garden, I have returned to my artwork, enrolling in the low-residency intensive MFA program at Goddard College in Vermont. At the beginning of each semester, I get to spend eight days in a vibrant community of interdisciplinary artists, each pursuing their degree in a program committed to the social responsibility of the artist, and of the arts. My work now consists of integrating my background in social science research, ethnography and realist landscape painting, using my extended observations at the locations I paint as a means to inquire into cultural and historical elements of the Carolina Piedmont economic and cultural geography. I will be finished with this program in spring of 2010 and will have three more initials I can place next to the comma after my name. It is very interesting being a graduate student again, 12 years post-doctorate.


Of course, being a full-time artist, especially one starting so late in my life, is economically challenging. To that end, I work part time for the TLT Group, producing a series of online webinars, workshops and an informal “Friday Live!” event for institutional and individual member subscribers (mostly deans, associate deans, VPs, librarians and faculty). This has put me back into an academic community where the continued discourse on the transformation of teaching and learning, and the role of ICT in all that, is quite familiar. Bonnie and I also launched Jacaranda Educational Development this year as a location for our consulting activity, more of which is highly welcomed. Come on down and visit us. [11/08]



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