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The other day I found myself perusing the CIE website and noticed that the personal blurb and photos I have on file are seriously outdated, so I thought it’s time for an update.  I recently left Zambia after more than eight years during which, on behalf of, first, Creative Associates, and then, AIR, I managed two USAID-funded education programs (CHANGES and CHANGES2) that were multi-sectoral in nature, crossing over into health, HIV/AIDS prevention, agriculture, and community development.  We did good work on both programs, and I enjoyed living and working in Zambia, but by September last year I felt it was time to move on.


I was looking forward to taking some time off in Venice, Florida where we had a nice cottage just 200 meters from a private beach.  But before I could wriggle my toes too deeply into the sand, and before I could pop open very many cold ones, I was approached by AED to take on the role of Chief of Party of its new five-year program in Ethiopia, Improving the Quality of Primary Education Program (IQPEP)—not a very melodious acronym but an interesting and worthwhile program nonetheless.


IQPEP is engaged in a number of areas—pre- and in-service teacher development, planning and management, gender equity and participation, and research and assessment—that are designed in a synergistic manner to improve the quality of primary education in Ethiopia.  IQPEP is a national program, working in 200 woredas (districts), 2,500 primary schools, and all 30 colleges of teacher education.   We have offices in all nine regions of the country, with the headquarters office in Addis Ababa where I live, and approximately 100 staff, so IQPEP is a large, complex, and challenging program to manage.  I arrived in Addis in late October last year and so far have found my colleagues to be welcoming, capable, and hard-working, so I am enjoying my work here so far.


I’ve included a photo of my family, which was taken recently at Lake Langano, a nice getaway a few hours from Addis.  For those of you who might remember:  Lauren, on the left, is 19 and will be a junior this fall at Northeastern University, studying development economics, with a minor in international affairs; Sophia, on the right, is 14 and has transitioned well to Addis where she likes her new school, the international Community School of Addis Ababa; Maureen, in front, is finishing her Master’s from UConn in humanitarian assistance, and will soon be starting work in Addis.  We’re doing well, and continue to enjoy life’s challenges and opportunities.[July-10]


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