Jimmy Weir

After finishing my Masters at CIE I eventually enrolled in  a PhD program in cultural anthropology at the Graduate Center, CUNY.  In 2004, I was based in Kabul to conduct fourteen months of dissertation field research that involved travel to central, northern and western areas of Afghanistan, and the collection over one hundred life story interviews.  During this same period, I organized the Afghan Oral History Project at Kabul University, and directed the American Institute of Afghan Studies.  My dissertation, entitled We Went to the Hills: Four Afghan Life Stories, was successfully defended in May 2010.  I will soon submit for publication a manuscript that analyzes Afghan life narratives for perspectives on shared macro-historical experiences and for depictions of meaningful cultural discourses.  I speak, read and write Dari at an intermediate level and speak Urdu at a similar level.


Good to see things are still thriving at CIE.  I have been back in touch with Rob Fuderich just recently.  I ran into Ann Hartman in Hawaii at the East-West center a few months ago.  And I saw some other CIE members recently. CIE continues its many orbits!


I’m returning to Kabul in July  where I will be based in Kabul doing research on tribal and informal political systems, mostly from Kandahar and Uruzgan. [June-10]


Email: jimmyweir@hotmail.com

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