Helen Fox

My most recent book is called Their Highest Vocation: Social Justice and the Millennial Generation (2012, Peter Lang).  It's based on extended interviews with students, faculty, staff, program heads, academic advisors, and others at the University of Michigan where I teach. They - and I - comment on the strengths and foibles of "millennial" college students, who are said to the the most progressive generation in history, yet seem reluctant to question or challenge the system or to go very deeply into the complex issues of social justice. Nevertheless, they are developing their own leadership style and their own relationship with the people around the world they so passionately want to serve. What do they need from their teachers in order to create, as Freire says, "a world in which it will be easier to love"? You can find the book and some reviews on Amazon.com.


At the University of Michigan, I continue to work with talented, fun, hard-working, socially-conscious undergraduates in small seminars and independent study projects on topics such as racism, international development, nonviolence, and human rights activism. I’ve written (or edited) three other books: Listening to the World (1994) (from my CIE dissertation) is now out of print but it’s available free on my webpage. My second book, When Race Breaks Out: Conversations About Race and Racism In College Classrooms (2001) is now in its second edition (2009), and available on Amazon.com. The revised edition adds many new texts and videos to the annotated bibliography, and a new introduction that comments on the meaning of the Obama presidency. My third book, an edited collection, is called ALT DIS: Alternative Discourses and the Academy (2002), published by Heinemann. It's about opening up the university to new styles of writing and critical thinking. Many of the pieces are written in "alt" styles that range from light-hearted through angry, moving, political, subtle, and straight-forward “academic.” See my Web site.


I am blessed with a wonderful extended family: three granddaughters and a grandson: thirteen-year-old Sarah, seven-year old Devyn, four old Kendall, and 11-month old Aidan James. I have a wonderful stepson, Jaime Koopman, and beautiful daughter-in-law, Pilar Parish;  a step-daughter Sara Koopman, who is finishing her Ph.D. on peace communities in Colombia, as well as my three daughters: Nondini (Beth), who is a bookkeeper in Portland, Oregon; Maria, a lawyer with her own practice in Portland, Maine; Maria's husband Mark, a nurse practitioner in the mental health field; and Cybelle, who is now an Assistant Professor in Sociology (race and class) at the University of California at Berkeley making twice my salary. My husband, Jim Koopman, is an epidemiologist who is looking into the dynamics of the spread of AIDS, polio, and other epidemics through computer modeling. He previously worked in many Latin American countries and, as a physician, participated in the world-wide campaign to eradicate smallpox in the 1970s in India. [01/12]


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