Sayed Ahmad Javid Mussawy

I have been very busy in the last two years since returning to Baghlan University. In my work, I have made a lot of progress, starting as a faculty member, then English department chair and Institutional development team leader and lastly as the vice-chancellor of academic affairs. I really appreciate HEP and particularly CIE which provided us the kind of information and knowledge that has been very effective in the area of work.


I have also done some private activities. I established a private educational center where college students and high school students study advanced English programs and the basics of  using computers. Through this center, I received a grant from the US Embassy by the name of Access. Access is a two year micro-scholarship program that teaches 14-17 year old teenagers English for two years. Overall, I believe that my education in the US helped me learn skills and knowledge to be an active member and act as a responsible citizen in my society.


Wishing that the center is making positive progress and is continuing to train experts well in the area of education, I finish my words here. [9-11]



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