Tjivikua Michael

In 2004, I joined the Polytechnic of Namibia, Namibia’s University of Science and Technology as the Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning. The center was established to help improve teaching and learning on campus through academic development initiatives. It is focused on providing support to students and faculty.


Since my tenure here I have created an academic support system for the university which hosts an Academic Support Center for students that provides a range of services to students focused on academic writing and other areas for which they need assistance. I have also developed a series of support activities for faculty including induction, mentoring, academic discussions on best practices in teaching and learning, and faculty development workshops.


I have a wonderful team at my center that is working on instructional technology with faculty and we are linking with the basic education school system. I also teach a course titled Principles of Instruction to faculty and manage a faculty resource hub at the center. I have done some field work with AED on instruction and teacher education. As you are well aware, Namibia’s democracy is only but two decades old and we are fully engaged in the process of nation building and undoing the effects of apartheid and colonialism. [11-12]





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