Azat Myradov

A recent update from Azat:

Since my graduation from CIE, I have been part of the Public Diplomacy team of the U.S. Embassy Ashgabat that manages educational and cultural exchanges, community development grants and outreach programs. Currently I manage the Information Resource Center (IRC) and I am also the webmaster of the Embassy website. Our Center has a wide range of programs and resources, and most recently we integrated iPads, iMacs and Kindles into our library services.


I have five children, four daughters and a son. My son is the youngest, 2 years old. I am thanksful to CIE for considering me still as part of the CIE family. [1-13]


My colleagues are very understanding and I love my job. I am also the webmaster of the Embassy website. Please spare a minute to check our website - http://turkmenistan.usembassy.govI am fortunate in my current position also that it allows me draw on my knowledge and experience from the two years I spent at the CIE. I offer government representatives and various local communities information, reference assistance and a wide range of presentations and training. The courses I took at CIE helped me particularly in designing curricula and materials for my presentations and training activities. Looking back on my CIE years, I have realized that it prepared me not only for my career but also for life. With its emphasis on team work and dedication the CIE community gave me the lesson for a life-time.[6-04] 





Graduation Year: 
CIE Graduate