McNerney & Yijie

Frank McNerney and Yijie Zhao, husband and wife graduates of the Center, are now both in Washington,D.C. Yijie is teaching Chinese at the Foreign Service Institute. After working at AIR for awhile, Frank is now a freelancing consultant and a volunteer development worker.


In 2014 I have been spending much time in Bangladesh, Nepal and even Egypt, working on World Bank projects mostly, with some work with IREX and BRAC University. [12-14]


Frank was in Lesotho during April, volunteering at the National University of Lestho.   He was helping out with several financial studies, including a tuition and fees analysis of comparable universities and an analysis of a university real estate investment. He is pictured here in Lesotho with the U.S. Ambassasor to Lesotho, Michele Bond.

Frank is looking for other volunteer opportuinites, so contact him if you know of a university that is looking for financial analytical help. [5-12]




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