Hafez Abuadwan

Growing up as a refugee in Gaza Strip-Palestine, I have lived, experienced, and witnessed the reality of the Gazan education system as a student in UNRWA and governmental schools. Coming from a family of teachers, I have grown up pondering every single day of my life how to improve the frequent, disappointing, on-going setbacks that I experienced both educationally and humanitarianly. These were the  key notes for me to pursue right after graduation an intense diploma in education, and immerse myself in several education related activities and programs. Both pursuits directed me to better focus on the educational field administratively and academically.


Filled with passion and enthusiasm, I worked for several international educational bodies implementing formal and non-formal education.. At AMIDEAST, I was an English language, SAT trainer. I developed various lesson plans and activities to benefit the students intellectually and culturally. This gave me a better perspective on how the educational administrative and academic process was implemented in non-formal education settings. Then, I worked at Gaza Training College-UNRWA as an academic instructor teaching English for specific purposes based on the students’ field of study. That is when I joined the American International School in Gaza (AISG); a private K-12 school that implements American curricula, as an English Language, U.S History, and U.S Government teacher. There, I developed, conducted, and implemented a variety of teaching strategies, techniques, and approaches.


My time as a Fulbright scholar at Loyola University Chicago was an enlightening experience for me; intellectually, professionally, and culturally. This experience aided me in shaping and sharpening my vision for a better educational system for my home country. I was an adjunct instructor teaching undergraduate students. I was also asked to make presentations in workshops and teacher development sessions at the School of Education. With CIE’s 45+ years of experience in the field of international development, achieving an M.Ed in International Education will help me become a contributor to the welfare of my community. I believe CIE will equip me with skills and methods to help create an education system that embraces and implements social justice, human rights, and globalization

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