Mjege Kinyota recently began a PhD program in Education at Beijing Normal University in China. [3/17]


Mjege wrote to CIE from Tanzania soon after completing his Master's in Amherst:


I am glad that I have had the opportunity to very quickly apply the knowledge and skills I acquired at CIE after graduation. After graduating, I returned to my position as an assistant lecturer at Dar es Salaam University College of Education. We are continuing to work on the mission and vision of the Faculty of Education, to prepare highly qualified teachers of the 21st century.


Currently, I am in the northern part of Tanzania near Uganda, where I am supervising student teachers who are doing their teaching practice in this region. Teaching practice is an important component for our pre-service teacher preparation programs. As a supervisor, I am here to observe their teaching as well as assess their teaching portfolios. One key idea regarding this job, that I came with from CIE, is that supervision is not aimed at threatening teachers, but is rather a friendly activity where supervisor and students work together to improve the practice of both through mentoring. [7/13]



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