I was born in Lima, Peru. I studied Social Communications at the University of Lima and spent the next four years working as a commercial television producer. I produced a wide variety of programs, from soap operas to children’s and sports programs. Even though working on TV was a lot of fun, I wanted to explore the world of documentaries - an interest that led me to graduate school. I pursued a Masters degree in Social Anthropology in the Center for Research and Advanced Studies in Social Anthropology in Mexico - CIESAS. There, I had the opportunity to work with, and write my thesis on, the Mixtec people of Oaxaca.


At the end of the Masters program I left Mexico and came to the United States where I got married and started a family (I have two wonderful children). I also started working for the Institute for Science and Interdisciplinary Studies - ISIS, a non-profit organization located at Hampshire College. As the Program Coordinator for the Secoya Survival Project, I assisted the aquaculture and drinking water projects for the Secoya, an Amazonian indigenous group of Ecuador. I also supported the Secoya as their advisor in their negotiations with Occidental Petroleum.


After my experience with the Secoya, I started an independent project: the research for a documentary about social and environmental impacts of oil extraction in the Amazon of Peru and Ecuador.

By joining CIE, I am starting a new life. I am excited by the idea of learning from an international community and re-evaluating my past experiences, while being a mom to two young kids!


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