Greetings and Salam! I was born in Pamir, which is famous for its name “The Roof of the World”. Pamir is centered in the Tajikistan region of Gorno Badakshan Autonomous Oblast. My background is diverse. I earned my Nursing degree and then worked in a cardiology hospital as a nurse. I then applied for Medical Biology degree in Khorog State University in Tajikistan. My Bachelor's degree in Medical Biology helped me to understand the whole world of science and biology in high mountainous areas. My interest did not stop at that level and I traveled to Canada, to improve my English skills and also to learn business administrations skills.


Working and witnessing a reforming education system in Tajikistan, I developed a profound interest in innovative educational methods and scientific research approaches applied to teaching methodologies. I then applied to do a masters degree in Education at The Aga Khan University - Institute for Educational Development (AKU-IED). In recognition of my previous work in Central Asia, I was awarded an AKU-IED studentship to do my degree in Pakistan. During my years of study and afterwards my key areas of interest were the role of projects in educational growth, planning and policy development for educational institutions and governments, and the management and growth of educational institutions. During my studies, I undertook major projects addressing the challenges confronted by the developing educational systems in Asian-subcontinent.


After graduation, I found work in Afghanistan. From 2004 I worked with The Aga Khan Education Services, Afghanistan (AKES, A) as an Education Program Coordinator for Tutorial Assistance Program which helped children needing tutorial assistance to improve their subject knowledge of class 1-IX in three regions of Afghanistan. In 2005 I joined “Learning for life” project, Kabul, Afghanistan as Technical Advisor to Bridging program in the Instructional design department. The project was overall administered by CIE/UMass. ” Learning for life” was a health focused, accelerated adult literacy project that prepared women and older girls in rural areas of 12 provinces.


Having studied and worked in Tajikistan, Pakistan, Canada and enormous and unforgettable experience in Afghanistan and presently moved to study at CIE, I find myself in a unique position to contribute to the future of my country and the whole Central Asian region. My career goal is to become an internationally recognized resource person on International Education with specialization in policy development, and monitoring and evaluation who can contribute the development of education sectors in the Central Asian and Sub-Asian region.


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