I always knew I would be an educator since the summer days of college directing Adventure camps for at-risk youth for a local YMCA. But I never imagined after completing my undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and Psychology from the University of North Carolina that I would travel all around the world working with so many different populations of learners. It truly has been a challenging, yet exciting journey.


I began my professional career as a teacher in Guatemala at a bi-lingual American School and later at the International School of Guatemala teaching 6 th grade Language Arts and 8 th Grade Writing Workshop. While teaching full-time, I completed a Masters in Education through Framingham State College’s overseas program for international school teachers. This allowed me use action research in the classroom and focus on authentic assessments and Multiple Intelligence theory. During this time period, I took a short sabbatical to the Czech Republic and obtained a certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and taught beginning, intermediate, and advanced English to adult Czech learners.


Six years of living in Guatemala prompted me to join Peace Corps and apply my skills as an educator to local communities in need. I accepted a post in Nepal as a teacher trainer where I worked in conjunction with the Ministry of Education and Peace Corps designing a curriculum for a nationwide pilot teacher training project. I implemented district training for teachers from 19 schools in the Bhaktapur district and monitored and assessed the project’s progress. My most recent professional experience was working as a literacy consultant for a research project addressing the significant adult literacy challenges in the Greater New Orleans area.


As a first year Doctoral student, I plan to explore educational strategies targeting populations affected by conflict and natural disasters. I am looking forward to the meaningful dialogue and reflection with my CIE colleagues on how we can better increase access to education for all populations.


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