Farida Noor Fleming

I always wanted to be a teacher. I love learning - that feeling of   potential and change. So I tried it out: teaching children after-school, teaching migrants English, teaching students English in Japan, preparing Youth Ambassadors before their postings. I remember these students, both adults and children, and the moments when we learned something together.


Growing up between cultures developed into a love of sharing different worlds as an adult. Being able to work in a range of countries has been a joy. Most recently with the international arm of the Department of Education and Training (NSW) I have worked and traveled through the South-East Asian and Pacific regions. I have been lucky enough to work on adult learning (public sector reform) projects in PNG, teaching improvement programs in Indonesia, and skills training programs in the Pacific.


I am so glad to have this chance to be at CIE. I am looking forward to reflecting on what I have learned, learning more, and sharing with my teachers and colleagues.


Email: farida.fleming@gmail.com


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