I was born and raised in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Western China. I grew up in a small isolated village surrounded by the Heavenly Mountains close to the Goby desert right on the ancient Silk Road. The province, Xinjiang, shares borders with 8 countries including Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India from the northeast to southwest. It is one of the largest border-trade zones in China. Xinjiang is a province populated by a total of 13 ethnic groups, including a great number of nomadic tribes and nations. I did all my education (Grade 1- Undergraduate) in Xinjiang before I became a teacher of English in Urumqi, capital city of the province and later in Beijing. I worked as a classroom teacher for four years before I left China for the University of Calgary in Canada to pursue my first Master’s degree in Education in 2003.   


After studying at U of C for two years, I applied for and attained a full-time staff position for Strengthening Capacity in Basic Education in Western China which was a Sino-Canadian educational development project in Western China. It was a five year project (2003-2007) with the goal of enhancing the quality of basic education in Western China by building a sustainable distance education system for K-9 teachers. It was an exciting but very challenging experience. Many times I felt lost among different opinions, clashing ideas, and conflict between different stakeholders and cultures. It was a good learning experience for both professional life and the real life.


I have always been interested in learning about education systems in different countries and exploring strengths and weaknesses of the systems from a comparative perspective. I am particularly interested in exploring the transferability of the North American education systems and philosophies in the context of China, and vice versa. In fall 2006 I decided to apply for further studies in international educational development. That eventually brought me here at CIE to meet the wonderful diverse group of professors, colleagues and friends! I am very happy to join CIE for the International Education program. I really love the great diversity of people in the center whom I might otherwise never have had the opportunity to meet, communicate with and learn from.


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