I come from India – a land of rich cultural and social heritage. Development in modern India has not been uniform. While on the one end, the country has made great strides in information technology industry, while on the other end we find poverty accompanied by low levels of literacy. There is portion of the population that is upwardly mobile, but there is a greater portion that is trapped by strong belief in India’s traditional social system. The rural communities live their lives as day laborers or subsistence farmers.


My studies in political science have sensitized me to the dynamics of socio-political structures in the functioning of a society. I believe that education and awareness building help make informed decisions and play a critical role in social change. I started my career in International Development at World Education in 1999. Over the years, I have been working with adult illiterate women, out of school children and farmers to design curricula, develop materials, facilitate trainings, and use nonformal education to support technical sector inputs in development programs.


As I continue working, often questions related to the teaching-learning process, stages in the learning process, ways of engaging various stakeholders and theory of inquiry keep cropping up in my mind. I am at a critical stage of professional development where I need to reflect upon the experiences and learn more about the theory and practice of nonformal and popular education, design and conduct of research, policy advocacy, and policy formulation. I bring with me an experience of working in the field. 


I look forward to the opportunity to reflect, gain more conceptual knowledge, and interact with professionals from diverse regions of the world. This I hope would lead to genesis of more creative ideas that I could tryout as I move forward. I am extremely pleased to have made it to CIE. I believe learning is a life-long process!


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