Hello-Assalamu Alykum!  I am from Palestine and I have been awarded a Palestinian Faculty Development Program (PFDP) scholarship to pursue my doctoral studies in the USA. I am a teacher in the department of English at the Islamic University of Gaza, where I have taught various courses for English majors. However, my specialty in teaching is “Oral communication skills”. My teaching career has been characterized by dedication, hard work and the ability to work with diverse teams, as well as having skills in problem-solving strategies. In addition, I like to involve others in the decision making process. This communication and collaboration is what has enabled me to achieve success in the department and amongst my students. Through working in the university, I have gained a deep knowledge in teaching methodologies and state of the art approaches, as well as other teaching strategies and techniques.


I have always adhered to the principle that language and culture are inseparable and that students should have an adequate knowledge of the socio-cultural rules of the target language in use. Therefore, I taught oral communication skills and the basic rules of such linguistic uses in their proper cultural contexts. During my teaching experience, I always assigned my students to conduct research about some aspect of the social life of the target community; for example, values, attitudes, beliefs, holidays, concepts such as privacy, diversity, individuality, etc. Some of my students even invited native speakers to the class to talk about these issues. In their turn, these students are teachers now, and they teach their students with the same methods, and they mediate between the target culture and the national culture.


Now, I am looking forward to doing my doctoral studies at CIE/UMASS in the field of intercultural communicative competence. My research interests include the study of Oral communication skills and the integration of international culture into EFL Palestinian classes. This can help students to challenge and dispel misinformation, stereotypes, and prejudices.  Knowledge of cross-cultural issues can enhance and promote the students’ communication proficiency; moreover, it can also strengthen perspective taking and conflict management skills to ensure understanding, tolerance, and international peace.


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