Salam to all!  I'm from Palestine and I have come to the USA to study in a doctoral program under a program that provides training for faculty members of Palestinian Universities. Actually this is not my first time in the states, I came here ten years ago after finishing high school accompanied my husband "Abdelrahim ."  He was doing his PhD in Statistics at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. I stayed lived three and half years and my two sons were born there. At that time I wasn’t able to start my studies. But all that time I was thinking of education and studying, so when I returned home I enrolled in a B.A. program in methodology of teaching English. Even before finishing my B.A. I was thinking of a master’s degree so I applied for the master program in teaching methodology and curriculum design while I was still in the last semester of my B.A. I worked as an English teacher for elementary and secondary stages for about four years and also I worked as a part-time a lecturer at Al-Quds Open University.


Coming to CIE - I’m thrilled to be in a program with many other international students - will widen my experience through meeting students from different countries and also through taking classes with professors who have long and fruitful experiences. Being at CIE will also enhance my ability and experience in my subject which is curriculum development. When I return home I want to use my knowledge to take part in the curriculum reform process.


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