Growing up in Japan, a small and homogeneous country, I have been always curious about the outside world and wanted to learn about different countries, peoples, and their cultures since I was a child. So, as an undergraduate, I majored in English and studied American culture. Acquiring English language skills totally opened up my world! Learning different features and diverse cultures of this country truly fascinated me as well. When I was a junior, however, I developed a strong interest in Southeast Asia. Then, this new geographical attraction expanded to the area of international development soon after. As a result, I enrolled a master’s program in development studies at Ohio University with Southeast Asia being my area concentration. Moreover, I became concerned with environmental issues in developing nations during the course and thus completed a second master’s degree in environmental geography in 1992.


Since then, I have worked in the field of international development in Washington, DC, African countries, and Afghanistan within a framework of Japan’s official development assistance (ODA). I have been mostly engaged in education program implementation and management as well as active dialogue and coordination of development assistance with other development agencies. I have found this profession extremely challenging but equally rewarding. My life has been a continuous learning process even after I left school because of my engagement in the filed. Assigned to new posts, programs, interacting, working with various people with different backgrounds and confronting new challenges, my inquiries and learning have never stopped!


I feel extremely fortunate that I am now at CIE and have the opportunity for further contemplation and learning about international development and education in a new environment. I am finding out every day that the Center is an amazingly diverse and stimulating learning community, and I am truly excited about being a part of it. During my time here, I desire to grow and become a competent and thoughtful practitioner so that I can return to join the efforts to bring about more positive changes wherever desired with the local population on the ground. I very much look forward to carrying out my aspiration here at CIE!


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