I was born in New Delhi, India in a middle class family. My parents stretched themselves to provide me the best schooling that they could afford and these initial grounding years helped me get to the right  college and then later do my MBA.


The MBA opened doors to the corporate world. I worked in Banking for almost 8 years - working in retail, technology, international banking and even ecommerce. It was around October 2005 that I felt that my banking days were over. I wanted to grow and contribute to other lives in a more positive way. This led to a sabbatical where I explored serious cinema and education as options for a new way of working life. I made a few short films and then began to search for an opportunity to teach. I quit my job and was lucky to find a school that allowed me to teach even though I had no teaching credentials. Going back to school and teaching Maths and English to sixth-graders brought me closer in touch with myself. I began to explore how and why we learn and is there a way that the present education system can be changed drastically to allow each one of us reach our potential. I also worked with Pratham, an Indian NGO,  for a few weeks training teachers.Further, I did a brief study on what the Indian government does to provide education. I am still searching for options that could shake the existing structure and wash away the conventional rote-and-learn methods.


I am fortunate to come to UMass to get a much wider and deeper view of issues linked to education and what has worked and not worked in trying to resolve them. I hope to grow; try out different things, make mistakes and learn. Hopefully, this would help me develop unusual ways of changing the way education happens.


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