I was born and bred in the suburbs of Nairobi City in Kenya. During my Primary and Secondary School years I never imagined that someday I would become a teacher I thought my career would go towards the hospitality industry.  When I Wanjiku Gachigojoined University I ended up taking courses in Education and that changed my career to becoming a teacher.


After completing my undergraduate studies I worked with an NGO which works with marginalized communities in Arid and Semi-arid regions in Kenya. We carried out evaluations on the host organization’s programmes in the regions where it operates. It was during this time that I realized the part that culture plays in relation to distribution of resources on gender basis, education being inclusive.


I later moved to South Sudan where I worked as a teacher in a Girls Secondary School. This would be my first hands-on experience on International Education. I realized culture and policies have a lot to do with the gender disparities in relation to the distribution of resources, Education being Key. The solution to these problems linked to culture can only be solved using a cultural perspective.


In CIE I hope to gain an understanding on how by studying the same cultures we can get solutions to the problems culture creates with respect to offering equal opportunities for all despite their gender differences. I also hope to learn more about other cultures in relation to Education from the diverse CIE community.


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