I grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, and lived through the country’s volatile emergence from apartheid into democracy.  Although the politics of the ‘80s baffled me, it was a hopeful experience to witness South Africans of all races come together to make a success of the first democratic elections in 1994.


I left high school fairly determined to do anything except be a teacher, being the daughter of one, but somehow ended up in that role!  After completing my undergraduate in English literature, I moved to the U.S.A.  After spending a few years doing religious work, I joined a team for a start-up online education project called “The Brick Project.”  This project gave me the opportunity to work with students and teachers across the world in an effort to develop cross-cultural, media-based learning tools.  It opened my eyes to the opportunities in the field of education and helped me realize that many of the problems in our world today are both a result of education and could possibly be rectified by education.


When the project came to an end, I took up a teaching/counseling position at a girls’ school in Harare, Zimbabwe. While I was there, Zimbabwe experienced a socio-economic collapse, and this had a devastating effect on the education system.  Being a helpless observer frustrated me, and when the opportunity came to improve my qualifications at CIE I jumped at it.  As so many other students have said, I am grateful to have this time to take stock of the opportunities I have had thus far, and be able to learn more broadly about the field of education.  I look forward to taking everything I learn at CIE back to my home in southern Africa.


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