I am so excited to begin studying at CIE!  I just returned from India, where I have worked since 2004.  Most recently, I was a special education consultant for Destiny Education, Mumbai.  I traveled all over Mumbai and the rest of India in order to train teachers in special education techniques.  I also assisted schools as they developed programs and policies for students with special learning needs.  Being a consultant was a marvelous experience – I met so many wonderful teachers, students, and parents from all over the country.  I loved sharing the skills and strategies that I learned from the University of Tennessee and in the Public Schools in Hartford Connecticut through professional development seminars.  I especially enjoyed follow-up visits to see the teachers implementing new teaching strategies they had learned and the way students were benefiting! 


Additionally, I was fond of sampling the Indian cuisine from each region!  I learned many Indian recipes and now love spicy food and masala chai.  I also enjoyed shopping for fabric in the Indian bazaars.  I have even become fairly good at bargaining - in Hindi!  Most importantly, I treasure the friendships that I have made during my time in India.  Indian hospitality and relationships continue to amaze me!


It is my hope to return to India after my coursework and to continue to equip teachers with strategies for struggling students.  I know I will learn a lot from the professors and students at CIE, and I’m eager to discover more about education on an international level… and to begin forming new friendships here!


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