I have been working with Socio-Economic Development Center (SABR) in Uzbekistan since 1996. SABR’s main purpose is to provide social and financial support to the most vulnerable people of our society: people living in poverty, women and children. Together with SABR professionals, I conducted research on socio-economic condition of women in rural areas for the UN report. I also worked on the micro-loan project for rural areas. In addition, I organized educational seminars on reproductive health, HIV, TB, domestic violence, food security and other issues. Working in rural areas with people who suffered from diseases and were deprived of access to medical services and education was the catalyst for my commitment to help vulnerable populations worldwide.


My interest in educating women’s issues is also closely connected to having received the World Bank’s Margaret McNamara Award and a P.E.O.  International Scholarship for commitment to the well being of women and children in developing countries. Through the School for International Training I worked with the National Organization for Women (NOW) in Washington, DC. The advocacy for strengthening policies related to women’s and children’s education and health care were a unique experience that I can use in my future work. Furthermore, I advocated at the United Nation’s 49th and 53rd Sessions on the Commission on the Status of Women for critical points of women’s health and education issues.


During the summer I have been working with the Woodhull Institute for Ethical Leadership in New York City. We organized various trainings, workshops and retreats to empower women and develop ethical leadership skills.


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