I didn’t have any specific goal in my life. All the time I had heard around me that I need to dream or think beyond the box. It was really confusing for me as I believe there are so many people in this world who have never thought of going beyond the box. Does that mean that they are not successful in their life or they are not happy? Besides I believe that a learned mind is actually a confused mind as it always makes things complex. So I always thought that it was better to remain average and not in the elite (learned) list. 


On the contrary I was looking for the answer to a solid question, “when will I be called successful or reaching which landmark would I feel so?” Then I came to know that the life is not for reaching the landmarks only but mostly it is the journey towards them. So for me the journey must be exciting and in my life I always tried to make my journey exciting. It is not that I was successful all the time but what is important is Mohammad RahmanI tried to make it exciting. My presence in CIE is not reaching a landmark rather it is another step for making my journey exclusive. 


This excitement actually I started with fear when I was a kid. The very first day when I was taken to the school in front of many teachers I was just looking to my father’s face. Afterwards I replaced this fear with the joy of knowing new things and new people. I didn’t stop trying to explore new people and it is still going.  When I completed my first Master’s in Education from the University of Dhaka (Bangladesh) I wanted to work with people rather than make products in the factory so I started my career with IED-BRAC which is the largest non-governmental organization in the world. I worked with villagers, teachers, and children. A few years later I felt that, this is the one side of the coin but who are those people, giving all the money for all these projects, why they do that, what is their motivation? To get to know more of this I joined Save the Children US (Bangladesh country office). There I worked as a supervisor, trainer, researcher, curriculum developer. 


Within these two organizations I encountered a lot of questions which I wanted to answer. For example all these organizations are working for development but what is development really? Which indicators are used to measure development? I had to come back to student life again to meet up all these queries as I wanted to link the practice with theories. So I came to University of Manchester to study MA in Educational Leadership and School Improvement funded by Merit and Equity Scholarship from the university. I met different people from around the world and learned their theories and experiences about different concepts and issues which made me to think even more. What I realized is that the things are complex in reality. Nothing has a solid and clear answer because everything is linked with the other things. 


This feeling made me more excited and I wanted to come in such a place for my doctorate where I would again meet people from around the world. CIE has given me that opportunity by providing me the assistantship. Now I am beginning an exciting journey here and probably this journey will end up when I discover that I have started to look outside the box!


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