After serving as the Deputy to the President and Dean for Enrollment Management and University Reistrart at KIMEP Univeersity in ALmaty, Kazakhstan, LLarissa (Savitskaya) Chekmarevaarissa is now working as an educational consultant. She regularly conducts professional training for education administrators, focusing on integrationg the best of world practices into the Kazakhstani higher education administration. In Spring 2011 she initiated the First Strategic Enrollment Conference in Central Asia, jointly with American Association of College Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO).  For last 16 years she also is the national and international consultant on various education aspects with World Bank, UNICEF, UNESCO, National Ministries of Education, and AACRAO.


Larissa has two daughters: Alena (22) who lives and works in Moscow/Russia and Darya (5), who asked her before departure to USA this summer: "mommy, what the America is?", Larissa is visiting a variety of places in the US and taking lots of pictures to show Darya later.


Larissa is currently working on a book titled "Academic and Managerial Autonomy for the Universities in Kazakhstan" as the country is planning to start giving autonomy for selected universities. With the purpose to learn from US best practice and have insights and perspectives from American professionals in the field, she is spending three weeks at CIE this summer.




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