Gopal Midha defended his dissertation proposal in May 2018 and is now officially a doctoral candidate at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville. As part of his doctoral research, he plans to study how school principal meetings influence the development and sharing of professional knowledge. For his fieldwork, he will be heading to India to study principal meetings in two municipal schools in Mumbai from August to December 2018.


In the five years between graduating from CIE and joining University of Virginia, worked with central and state governments in India to strengthen district and school leadership and teacher education, including:


* strengthening teacher education through a research facility to support the D.Ed, B.Ed and M.Ed programs and support professionals in India

* doing impact assessment of education programs through the lens of organizational strategy and educational leadership

* co-teaching a course on Educational Leadership and Management at Tata Institute of Social Sciences

* conducting workshops on Theater in Education using techniques from Theater of the Oppressed and Playback Theater





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