I come from Zanzibar, Tanzania and believe that being educated is an asset for the family, community and a nation as a whole. On top of that I decided to develop my career path in the education sector by working directly in the community in order to encourage my people to involve themselves in the provision of education for their children as well as helping learners to work hard in their learning.  


My experience of being a teacher for ten years (1992 to 2002), allowed me to have great interaction with communities at the grassroots level. This increased my capacity to understand socio-cultural and socio-economic factors affecting the development of the education system and students’ performance, particularly in science subjects and mainly for girls. As a result of these experiences I began my BA program in Public Administration in 2002.


Upon completion of my degree I was assigned to be an HIV and AIDS Focal Person of the Ministry. I had a great time not only to apply my knowledge, skills and experience as a coordinator between community (students, parents, local community leaders, NGOs, Ministry’s staff) and Management of the Ministry (decision maker) but also to work for  attaining educational goals.


From September 2007 to May 08, I attending a fruitful course in International Diploma on Educational Planning and Management for developing countries at International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP), it increased my performance capacity by understanding major issues to be considered in the planning process and better management in education sectors. I then returned to my country and began contributing to improving access to education in parity and quality for all regardless of gender, cultural perspective or level of income. One thing that I was pleased about was helping to develop a Manual for School Management Committees, which explained their roles and responsibilities in school management, and helped them learn how to use it to guide them in their daily performance.


I am excited by the opportunity of being a CIE family member and to join with other experienced educators. I am pleased to have the chance to gain advanced skills through sharing constructive ideas in the CIE community.


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