Salam! I grew up in Kabul, capital of Afghanistan. My interest in pursuing graduate studies in Education has grown during my almost five years tenure with USAID funded Afghanistan Higher Education Project and it had become a dream for me to study in a prestigious university like UMass. I am thrilled that I am here at CIE now and doing my master’s program.

I have a B.Sc. degree from the Faculty of Agriculture, Kabul University. Most recently, I was working for Afghanistan Land Authority (ALA) as a Monitoring and Evaluation Director since 01 March 2011. I worked for almost five years as a Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator, then as a Manager, and finally as a part-time consultant for the Afghanistan Higher Education Project (HEP) since November 2006. I also worked as a National M&E officer in Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO-UN) for almost two years. Besides, I have worked for three years as a Senior Reporting & Data Management Officer and one year as Administrative Assistant with CARE International in Afghanistan.


In particular, working with HEP has greatly helped me to learn about problems and opportunities, especially in the education sector. I personally believe that upon completion of my studies in Master of Education Policy and Leadership I will surely use my expertise and knowledge to help provide better planning and management of development activities in higher education. Studying at UMass will also provide me with opportunities to get familiar with different cultures and to grow in different ways. In fact, knowing another culture is very important for development now-a-days. When we are out of our environment we feel freer to experiment with different ways of doing things. We may try different things and either reject or adopt them. People can change and it is easier to change when we are away from our family surroundings. Hence, by studying in UMass I will not only learn about more modern development experiences but also learn more about different cultures and learn more about myself from the perspective of other people. 


There are two main reasons for me to select Center for International Education (CIE) for my master’s studies. Firstly, the University of Massachusetts has been a key partner in implementing Higher Education Project in Afghanistan and the people there know about most of the problems in Afghanistan. So, I will have the opportunity to discuss some of the specific problems with my professors in addition to gaining academic knowledge and find solutions. Secondly, as the students at UMass and specially at CIE are from various parts of the world I will also learn about other countries in similar situations to those in Afghanistan and learn from what has worked for them and what has not succeeded.


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