Hello, I am a married woman, a pure African person blessed to have three handsome boys with the age of 14+ and below. I come from Tanzania, a country with plenty of National Parks, Conservation and reserved areas having different, distinctive and interesting animals! Have you ever heard of a toad which gives birth instead of laying eggs? It is amazing to have a viviparous toads! Welcome to Tanzania where you will see animals belonging to Amphibians class but they give birth!!!!


Actually I am a teacher by profession since 2001, and I have been working under the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (MOEVT) in different schools for almost 8 years now teaching Physics and Biology.

When Decentralization by devolution took place in our Country, I was appointed by the Permanent Secretary of MOEVT as a District Academic Educational officer under the department of Secondary Education. I have been working under MOEVT in collaboration with Prime Minister’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government for two years. Being an academician at District level has given me motive of concentrating on equal accessibility of education to girls in comparison to that of boys. In my District, probably it’s the same case in our Region statistics, especially in rural areas, enrollment of girls to schools at Primary and Secondary School level is below 40% compared to that of boys! This is due to poverty, ignorance of parents and lack of intrinsic motivation of girls towards education.


There is a philosophy which says “If you educate a woman you educate a whole nation, but if you educate a man you educate a single person”. I do believe in this slogan. Most of the parents in rural areas at my home country are not educated hence they don’t know the importance of educating their children. For any nation to have sustainable development in all aspects, it has to provide quality education to all children regardless of gender, race, color, physical abilities, mental abilities and financial abilities and the like. My government should enhance equal opportunities in access to quality education to all Tanzanians.


I believe that my time of being here at UMass will be expressive, fruitful, and enjoyable and once I go back home after being well equipped with new knowledge and leadership skills from UMass, it’s my pleasure that I will share what I have learned with decision and policy makers so that they can make some changes on the educational policy such that there will be a notable change of education system in my country.



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