My interest in teaching and of course, of being a teacher, was at the first place inspired by my beloved Mother Winfrida, who voluntarily worked as a Literacy Teacher,  teaching literacy to the elders in my village of Kowak, Tarime District, Mara Region in Tanzania. That was the time of government campaign all over the country around 1970s and 1980s where the government wanted to make sure that all adults and children who did not get the chance of going to school during the colonial times and who because of that did were not able to read and write, are taught and have the reading and writing skills.


That was the beginning of my interest in Education/Teaching. After I graduated from Advanced Level Secondary studies in 1999, I soon joined an NGO called Primary Network Education (PEN) to teach Primary School Teachers that were required by the Government to upgrade to Grade A Teachers from Grade C Teachers. I worked with PEN in the rural areas of Kahama District, Shinyanga region for a year before joining the University of Dar es salaam in 2000 where I pursued B.A. (Education) and graduated in 2004.


After my graduation I taught at Kowak Girls High School for two years and as Education Officer at The Mwl. J.K.Nyerere Memorial Museum for four years before being transferred and promoted to Kigoma region where I worked as Personal Assistant to the Regional Commissioner.

Since then  I have been working in the government – Central Government for almost seven years, and my interest is in Education Policy, Planning and Management in International Education. This is due to the fact that in most of the developing countries like Tanzania, education systems and quality of education are highly influenced by the policy and planning processes at the governments’ central levels. However there is a lack of competent policy planners in the developing countries and in Tanzania as well.


I am therefore happy that I am here at the prestigious University of Massachusetts doing my Master’s in International Education with concentrations in Policy, Planning and Management. I therefore hope that after my graduation the to-be gained skills, knowledge and experience will help me to contribute towards the development of education sector in my country. I anticipate using the knowledge, skills and experiences I have learned from fellow students from other countries to positively influence educational projects, policy and planning for the development of my country.


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