My background has been and continues to be one of  being a good teacher in my life. I started teaching when I had just completed my secondary education in 2004. Although I was not a certified teacher, I enjoyed teaching lower primary science and mathematics in one of the primary schools in western part of Tanzania. To me this was teaching and nothing could convince me that it was not.

During my high school I was at least flexible and one could convince me that teaching was a profession and that necessary skills were needed for one to teach effectively.

I have been teaching chemistry since then and this was the driving force for me to pursue a bachelor degree in science education at the University of Dar es Salaam majoring in chemistry.


Currently I am a teaching assistant in the department of curriculum and teaching at the University of Dar es Salaam, College of education. Although teaching in Tanzania is a profession with very low status, I feel comfortable to be called a teacher and I have an impression that this feeling will never end.


Nothing can describe how I feel to be at CIE. I can feel an atmosphere with rich learning experiences that will enable members to gain a wider perspective of educational issues and challenges both in international and national settings and their implications for educational policy and curriculum development.

For sure, teaching is life and life is teaching.


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