I was born and raised in Afghanistan. I earned my BA degree at one of the provincial Higher Education Institutes, in Baghlan Province, in Afghanistan on 2008.
Since 2002, I have been involved in a variety of practical activities in the area of education development with different international NGOs (e.g. Aga Khan Foundation, Creative Associates International Inc. and Academy for Education Development). During this time period, I have been mainly involved in designing training materials, delivering training and managing teacher professional development projects. These include projects for teacher training colleges, schools and universities/higher education institutes. My whole work experience has been centered around nonformal teacher education.


From 2008 to December 2010, I was an employee of the Higher Education Project in Afghanistan that is currently led by UMass/CIE. There, my colleague, Dwight Lloyd, designed training materials for a series of professional development courses for faculty members of 18 universities and my role was to supervise the whole training process for over 600 education faculty members. That was a great experience and opportunity for me to learn about the higher education system in my country.


More recently, I designed several short-term capacity building projects targeting different groups for a national NGO in Afghanistan and almost all of them were accepted by US Embassy under their ‘Quick Response Fund’ mechanism. Since I was supposed to begin my studies at UMass, I could only manage the implementation process of one of these projects that delivered training on ‘Management and Administration Improvement’ for almost 400 staff of provincial and 14 district education departments in Baghlan province. 


I was very pleased to be accepted for the Master’s program in international education here at UMass. I am very much interested in teacher education with focus on primary and middle school teachers. I am sure that studying at CIE will provide me with tremendous opportunities, significant resources and substantial support to learn more in this area. I am also sure that I will enjoy my studies and work in here very much as all faculty members and staff are highly supportive and friendly.


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