Gamarjoba! I am a new Doctoral student in CIE.  I come from Republic of Georgia, where, I have served as the Math Improvement Director at Georgia Primary Education Project (GPriED), a USAID-funded project designed to provide comprehensive assistance to the primary education system of Georgia to improve reading and math competencies of Georgian and ethnic minority students. I have worked in educational administration since 2004, first as part of math team at National Curriculum and Assessment Center (NCAC), Ministry of Education and Sciences of Georgia (MoESG).  More recently, I have consulted with the MoESG in ICT Integration across the curriculum.


Aside from Administrative work, I have taught at both tertiary and secondary levels of education for over ten years and I see teaching and educating younger generations to be my life time career. My longest job was as the math teacher at American Academy in Tbilisi, a private coeducational high school in Tbilisi for over nine years.


Now that I have joined CIE, the truly international community with worldwide distinguished faculty, I have embarked on another five-year plan, during which I hope to fulfill several specific research and career goals. I am primarily interested in education policies and practices that are directly related to general education system and how these policies can enhance student achievement and teacher professional development.


I believe that it is precisely the doctoral program at CIE that will "forearm" me with the requisite skills in the most crucial sector of the public service of the country. Its flexible design, on one hand, will enable me to become a truly consummate specialist in this field. On the other hand, when I return to Georgia, I will be able to promote those projects and programs that genuinely benefit the educational reforms as well as contribute to the drafting, implementation and monitoring of such programs.


To me, one of the main attractions of the program is its applied and flexible nature. During two years of staying in the US, I will be looking for ways and contacts to move beyond traditional teaching methods and to bridge the technology gap between teachers and students. More specifically, I am interested in being exposed to the practices that are directly related to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) used in on-line, distance an immersive education, teacher training; and how emerging technologies are used to positively influence education issues such as teacher development and student achievement.


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