My interest in cross-cultural understanding first sparked during my music studies at Middle Tennessee State University, where I dove into the Afro-Caribbean rhythms of Trinidad and Tobago, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Puerto Rico, and Cuba through various ensembles.  I was enriched by the hypnotic qualities of the repeated musical patterns and awakened by the Afro-Caribbean region’s complex roots in Western Africa through the trans-Atlantic slave trade.  


During my undergraduate studies, I worked as a teacher predominantly with high school students in music education.  My interests soon evolved after realizing the arts could be very powerful when used as a platform for youth development in non formal venues.  It was with this understanding I co-founded the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization ConsciousFlowz, Inc.  The organization’s mission was to motivate youth to actively shape their futures through new, interactive programs that used the arts to develop leadership skills, foster independent thinking, and increase awareness and understanding of social issues.


I received international education experience working for two years in the townships of Cape Town, South Africa with ConsciousFlowz.  The organization implemented collaborative nonformal education projects with local community organizations focusing on social issues including HIV/AIDS prevention, xenophobic violence prevention, leadership empowerment, and civic engagement.  The use of education to empower individuals and communities to address post-Apartheid inequities is an inspiration to me personally and professionally.


After returning to the United States for further professional development, I worked with the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.  In my role as Teen Programs Manager, I oversaw a variety of teen programs with the overarching goals of increasing the Museum’s accessibility for teenagers of Greater Boston.  This was achieved by a multifaceted approach including youth employment, volunteerism, and art engagement.  Additionally, I applied my international development experience through social justice as an arts educator with Inquilinos Boricuas en Acción, an organization dedicated to increasing the social and economic power of individuals and families through education, economic development, technology, and arts programming.


I come to CIE to build upon my experiences with, interests in, and passion for education. It is my desire to learn theoretical frameworks of education and their applications within a variety of cultural contexts.  This knowledge, synergetic exchanges with faculty and fellow students are essential to my development as an education planner, administrator, and practitioner.



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