I'm from China. I was born in Henan province in the middle of China. I really cherish having this opportunity to join the Center for International Education as a visiting scholar for a semester. My main field of study is about African Education, I do believe that I will gain both practical and theoretical knowledge about international education here.


During 2006-2010 I studied in the University of Northeast Normal University in Jilin province located in the north of China and received my BA in English Literature. In 2001 I began my graduate study in the Zhejiang Normal University with a major in comparative education. Zhejiang Normal University is one of the Chinese universities that specializes in African Studies and offers many good opportunities to learn about the culture and education in African countries.


In 2010, I worked as an English teacher in Yuanhang Oral English training school in Beijing for several months. This experience allowed me to learn more about non-formal education which is very different from the traditional education in China. In 2011 I participated in the program of writing the "Annual Reports and the Development Tendency of the International Education Policy" which was organized by Professor Wang Yingjie, the president of the Comparative Education Association. I worked mainly on tertiary education policy in Botswana, which allowed me to learn more about the small country of Botswana.


In 2012, the former vice-president of University of Botswana, Frank Youngman, visited Zhejiang Normal University for a month. During his stay, I worked as his assistant to help with his research on tertiary education in China. Working with him helped expand my understanding of higher education in Botswana He also co-organized a workshop on research about Botswana-Africa-China issues.


In September of 2012 the "International Forum on Sino-Africa Higher Education Exchange and Cooperation" was held in our university (ZJUN). I worked as staff to help with the reception of the participants and the organization of the forum. This experience enriched my knowledge of the current higher education situation both in China and different African countries.


After that, in 2013 I participated in the seminar on Higher Education administration for South-East Asian Countries and the seminar on Higher Education Administration for French speaking African Countries. The participants were mainly government officers, the presidents of universities and researchers. I also accompanied them to visit Jiangxi Normal University and Guizhou University in China to help them learn more practical knowledge about Chinese Higher education.


I'm very honored to join the family of the Center for International Education. Here I am experiencing a different study atmosphere and have already learned some interesting and useful knowledge that is different from what I learned in China. I do believe that the talented professors and students from different countries here will inspire me and give me useful suggestions to carry out my study about the higher education policy in Botswana. My short visit for a semester will also let me to rethink the current Higher Education structure and situation in China, which maybe my next topic of interest.



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