I was born in a village called Lundu which is located in extreme south of Tanzania. It was really a remote area. Being the third daughter of eight children of a Primary school teacher who devoted his life to bring new hope to the children of poor Tanzanians. That teacher sowed a seed which transformed the life of one of his seven daughters and he would gladly see it growing and sprout its fruits to the minds and hearts of the Tanzania’s young learners.


I started my marathon as a secondary school teacher in 1991. I worked very stressful in school which had acute shortage of teachers, teaching and learning facilities and overcrowded classrooms. The situation was probably worsened by uncoordinated implementation of universal primary education policy of 1975 which mainly focused on expansion of enrollment without putting much emphasis on other issues like training, recruitment and retention of teachers, construction of classrooms, provision of textbooks and other school infrastructures which are corner stones for quality education delivery.


What were reasons for all this mess? Was it weak polices, uncoordinated plans, poor management, small budgets or unstructured monitoring and evaluation schemes? In 2001 I was transferred to The Ministry of Education headquarters to work in the statistics section which later was changed to Education Management Information System (EMIS). Our main role was to produce education data and information which can be used as evidence in policy formulation, development of strategic plans, budgets preparation and monitoring and evaluation of education sector performance.


We need well focused polices, strategic plans, implementation frameworks, management skills and monitoring and evaluation schemes. Who is ready to tackle those challenges, who are ready to provide support? who is ready to slake the thirst for knowledge of our delighted learners?
Is it not CIE through their intellectual and academic capabilities while sharing their experiences with people from all over the world!


I am happy to be a member of a wonderful CIE community where I can fetch knowledge and skills from gifted and talented professors and other intellectuals, sharing different experiences and go back home after two years well equipped with confidence and necessary tools ready work in the technological challenging environment.


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