I am still wondering how I ended up in something so completely strange for me, so far from what I have dreamed of and even what I was fearing the most? I have read a few bios and figured out that I am not alone in this. My way of finding a destiny was long and thorny. I graduated from a Slavic-Tajik University and worked as a teacher in a primary school for about two years. After that I have made a vow that I will never-ever become a teacher. It was so hard. But one nice lady from a little American pre-school re-discovered some talents in me when I was working as a teacher there for about a year while trying to establish my own travel agency. I just needed extra money to support my business. After that I was offered a job at QSI International School where I worked till present as a pre-school teacher.


Now I find it so exciting to see children learning, growing and developing. It is even more appealing to acknowledge the fact that I was a part of that significant change. I was well settled and satisfied with what I was doing. I had a good position, good community of parents, good salary after all. But one day I realized that not only children of the embassy's workers should have a good education. This, in turn, has prompted me to seek in the field of education for the opportunity to do something that can change the teacher's status and, thus, improve the educational structure in the entire country. I believe that in spite of the race, abilities, religion and family income, all kids deserve a good education.


I do not want to sound unrealistic and ambitious but we do need a new type of school there, new approaches, and new methods. The best place to learn something new is a new place. One of the parents helped me to find out about the Muskie Graduate Fellowship Program. I applied and by some luck I am here today. If I am here, it means that there is a goal and purpose behind it. So I have two years to discover it and learn as much as I can from the professors and fellow students from other countries so I can bring it back home and implement there. Who knows, maybe we will have a new type of school in the future.


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